10 June 2008

Hectic Day!!!!

yesterday afta all the hoohaa with joel on sunday n all we decided to go to mv to catch up on movies n wat not... sooo met him athere at 12 sumthin n bought tix for Kung Fu Panda!!!! awesome movie!!!! its a must watch!!! then off to play pool n obviously i got my ass kicked since that cow has been playing pool almost everyday since i got him started on it.. then went to food court for luch coz he wanted his ee mee!!! everyweek surely must eat that!!! then went to jusco so that he can buy underwear... Renoma!!! lol.. had to help him choose summore.. ish! then went to watch our movie.... i love the twin seats!!!! its soo damn comfy la...lol... afta movie went to play another round of pool juz for the heck of it n then went to shoe shop soo that he can buy shoes... couldnt decide btween the Nike n the *forgot the name* soem other branded shoe la... soo i told him to go for the nike coz its nice n suits him bt then dun have size!!!wtf???? soo went to other branch n also no size!!!! soo he said he'll go to 1u to buy it... then ln to south court to catch a cab... called my bro to see if he could fetch me bt he was at ol' skol sooo i decided i would join him since that time also kurang ppl la...
reached ol skol n bro was having darts training soo i juz sat down n his team mates who r my dads frenz were asking me this n that n my uncle was also having training soo he was asking how i am n all.. then they made me throw darts n they taught me how to throw properly then they commented n all la... ish! then as i was abt to go n buy makan jason(bro's fren) walks in n chit chats then he leaves for sum1s bday party which was a few doors away in another pub... n while going to buy makan i spot someone... then realising it was auggy i said hi la... of all the ppl to meet la... then bought chicken rice n went back to ol skol to makan.. bro ate like half of it!!! then they had they're little compotition among theirselves n i juz watch Kennedy n Ari(ppl that work there) play british pool... n while watching Ari was breaking n they white ball flies n luckily juz hits my leg... all started laughing n he got a bit worried bt it juz hit me a lil bit soo i told him not to worry n moved back a bit.. then afta bro finish training decided to leave...
waited for him in the car... then he asked me to come out coz going for some1s bday party!! i was like omg!!! soo went inside... said hi to the ppl i knew then bro introduced me to a few ppl.... he made me sit down n Jason brought me a JD with coke... me thinking it was plain coke took a big gulp... then i was like SHIT!!!! crap la... then bro came back n decided to go to the mamak a few doors down with wynton, jared n shane(my other big bro's)... sat down they ordered their makan.. then they started their kutuk session... shane was the first to get it... then bro started bout joel n then i was the next victim... started asking bout joel n all.. then aske me to get him to come to the mamak so they can talk to him bt ended up calling him n wynton started the interview session... then they juz irratated me... went back to the pub to say bye n left....
reached home... talked to joel for a while... n felt a bit high!!! then sms-ed him be4 i slept n then i ko-ed!!!!
longest day ever la... damn tired... n now i have to go n see joel!!! ciao!! muaxx

03 June 2008

When will the rain stop???

I've been away from this blog for a while... coz there is nutthin to blog about... my life is sooo boring... :P Well, firstly my condolences to Becca J and Tracy, may the souls of ur loved ones rest in peace.. just know they've gone to better place.. Was supposed to go for Becca's grandma's funeral but mum dragged me to UCSI to regiester n i got stuck there... so, sorry Becca!!!!! now im not sure if im gonna go for Tracy's dads funeral which is in Kajang...
anyways, we had our Love & Life 08 Feci's meeting on sat... Congrats Joanna n Martin... Jo, i kinda expected u to get it soo yeah, great to know that i'll be working with ya n martin, hmmmm.... well we n I have faith in u!!!! after finding out who our Chief n Asst.Chief were we decided for ourselves which group we wanna be in... Avaris has taken over the games group!!!! soo yeah... that was the weekend...
on monday joel asked me to go n lepak with him soo made my way over to his place in Jalan Gasing.. reached his hse n that monkey leaves the gates open for me to lock.. real BUM!!! :P then we juz lepaked n then he decides to go to his room n play Counter Strike with his bro who is in his own room downstairs.... then we went to makan Chicken Rice.. lol... he sent me back home n i walked to the bloody bank to bank in my mums cheque...
today juz went over to UCSI n registered n im starting class in July!!!!! woohoo!!! hehe.. well thats basically wats been happening...
p/s: ignore the title... juz some random thing!!!

23 May 2008

Bday Wishes!!!!

Hey... Its time i start the Birthday Wishes through Blogger!!!!! Lol... Lets Start of with Anastasia
Birthday-22nd May!!!!!

Christine Subashini aka Shine.... Birthday 24th May!! (she's the one on the left)

Nawin.... Birthday 23rd May!!!!!

Adrian TeddyB. Thomas.... Birthday 24th May!!!! (the one on the right)

And last bt not least.... Sharon.... Birthday 23rd May!!!!!!!
WOOOTSSSS!!!!! LOL!!!! thats all folks!!!

21 May 2008

The Flu

Just when i have a ton of things to do, my Immune Systems decides to go weak n catch the stinkin FLU!!!! but im also guessing i brought this onto myself... all those late nights on the pc n waking up early juz to go out or to do work, i deserve it i guess.... bt better now then towards the Summer Splash coz i would wanna miss it... the flu made me sleep at bloody 2am n im already up now... i should be in bed bt no thanks not gonna sleep around juz coz im sick... i think starting from now on i should start sleeping earlier, firstly, coz i wanna get used to it n also coz its not healthy to sleep late... well im guessing this is it for now... will update soon enough.... ciao.. muaxxx

19 May 2008

Almost Crappy Day

Thought i would have a great day since mum is on hols n all... the plan was to go to Midvalley to buy sis's teachers bday prezzie... soo i followed her around... looked at this.. looked at that... n she ended up buying a bracelet for her teacher... so yeh... went home n lepak-ed, watched some tv, went online... then in the evening got ready for youth meeting/practice coz we're supposed to be doing a skit for our fund-raiser this sat... waited for everyone bt the main actor ended up sms-ing me to tell me that he's pulling out!!!! like WTF!!!! we only have this few days of practice left n he PULLED out!!!! soo had to sms my youth advisor to tell her n she called n said to come up with sumthin else, so we juz sat there blur n all til i said that we shall juz go home n think of sumthin n get back to me... the Mr.Joel sms-es n says that he wants to go n lepak... soo he came over to my hse, we jalan2 abit then went to BRJ to have a drink n chit chat bout tons of stuff la(he knows a lot of stuff abt me) sooo if anyone wanted to blackmail me they would juz have to ask Joel... *wink* afta chatting n all he walked me back then he went back home... hehe... mood still quite bad coz of that idiot... til something interesting happens such as Seven7een Summer Splash!!!!! wooohooo!!! ciao... muaxxx

14 May 2008

Long Absence

Its been a while since my last post n im really sorry... i just dont know wat in the world to blog about... wat has happened since the last post??? i came back frm England... celebrated my long awaited 18th B'day!!!, went for follow-up which was abso*******lutely awesome, went for nursing interview at assunta which sucked, went for UCSI open day, etc.....
Bt there still that tiny lil thing thats bothering me!!!! LOVE Y does it have to be sooo complicated n painful... The guy i love is bloody leaving me!!! n it really hurts like HELL!!!!! i know i'll have to get over it but for now it hurts.. wats worse is that we're friends... i know some of u will say thats a good thing bt imagine everytime u see his face u remember the times u had together as a couple n knowing that it possibly wont happen again... plus he's going to Australia!!!! sometimes i question if God is having fun up there doing this to me... Like c'mon, Give me a break!!!! bt i know that watever he's doing, he's doing it for a reason...
On the plus side im gonna start Uni soon... at least i can get my mind off all of that... it juz seems soo exciting... most of the ppl i know have started n r enjoying yet i have to wait for the bloody july intake!!! hmmmm... cant wait for all the assignment to pile up.. sleepless nights... late nigth studying trying to cramp everything in ur head... bt im gonna enjoy it... nursing is gonna be fun!!! all the training to find the correct vain to inject n watnot!!! really cant wait...
well... i think this would be one of my last posts til i start Uni... then at least i'll have more things to blog abt!!! till then... ciao!!!!

02 May 2008


since my cousin said anyone who want to do it im juz gonna do it for the heck of it...

1. Do you like Chinese food?

- yeh
2. How big is your bed?
- Single
3. Is your room clean?
- quite clean
4. Laptop or Desktop computer?
- Desktop for now...
5. Favorite comedian?
- Russell Peters n Jeff Dunham!!!
6. Do you smoke?
- nah..
7. Does anyone like you?
- yup.. lol...
8. Whats the sexiest thing about Condoleeza Rice?
- dont realy care...
10. Sleep with or without clothes on?
- take a guess
11. Who sleeps with you every night?
- my sis.. we share a room...
12. Do long distance relationships work?
- depends la...
13. How many times have you been pulled over by the police?
- hehe...nvr....
14. Pancakes or French Toast?
- Pancakes.
15. Do you like coffee?
- yeh....
16. How do you like your eggs?
- Scrambled....
17. Do you believe in astrology?
- nah....
18. Last person you talked to on the phone?
- Joel...
19. Last person on your missed call list?
- Mummy...
20. What was the last text message you received?
- Denise saying gudnite...
21. McDonalds or Burger King?
- Burger King...
22. Number of pillows?
- 5...lol...
23. Last thing you ate?
- nutthin...
24. Last thing you bought?
- lupa la... popcorn i think...
25. What are you hearing right now?
- nutthin...
26. Pick a lyric?
- Tell me how, do u expect me.. to live alone with just me
27. What kind of jelly do you like on your PB & J sandwich?
- hate pb&j
28. Can you play pool?
- okla....
29. Do you know how to swim?
- yeh....
30. Favorite ice cream?
- Chocolate....
31. Do you like maps?
- who does???
32. Tell me a random fact.
- im crazee???
33. Ever had a hard on at work?
- lol....
34. Ever attend a theme party?
- yup...
35. Ever do a keg stand?
- dont drink...
36. Craziest place you've slept after a night of drinking?
- dont drink...
37. What is your favorite season?
- I hate spring... its cold!!! lol... not sure yet...
38. What is the first music video you ever saw?
- lol.. u expect me to remember that????
39. Pick a movie quote.
- cant think of anyat the moment...
40. Favorite quote.
- Go to my facebook n see...
41. What is your favorite hangout?
- bsides anywhere with my frenz.. i'd settle with a nice book on the couch...
42. Best friend's name?
- they know... i dont even have to state...
43. How long have you known them?
- one i have known almost all my life... the rest fer a while only...
44. Last time you laughed at something stupid?
- i laugh at something stupid all the time...
45. How did you wake up this morning?
- first at 1 am it was my sis waking me up coz there was a giganto roach on my wall right next to me!!! then this morn alicia sent me an sms so i woke up...
46. Wake up next to anyone?
- hhhmmmm... nah...
47. Best thing about winter?
- SNOW!!!
48. Name a couple of favorite colors.
- Black, red, white.
49. How old are you?
-18!!!!! WOOHHOOO
50. What month is your birthday in?
- APril
51. Do you think pirates are cool or overrated?
- Johnny Depp!!! go figure!!
52. Favorite Dave Matthews Band song (if you have one?)
- know them bt not really int their songs...
53. What are you doing this weekend?
- not sure yet...
54. Who will take this survey?
- another lifeless soul like me...

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn’t make sense. NO CHEATING!
4. Tag 5 people.
5. Bold the questions and with the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the questions.

How are you feeling today?
wait for u- Elliot Yamin
dunno la...

Will you get far in life?
Cry- Rihanna
ok.. dats weird...

How do your friends see you?
Failures not flattering- New Found Glory
haha.. i would agree...

Will you get married?
Principles of Lust-Enigma
no love?? just lust???

What is your best friend's theme song?
Crank Dat- soulja Boy
lol... im sorry...

What is the story of your life?
Look wat u've done- Jet
damn.... i wonder wat i've done....

What is high school like?
Mungkin Nanti- PeterPan
really got nutthin to say....

How can you get ahead in life?
Do u know(ping pong song)- Enrique Iglesias
no i dont unfortunately!!

What is the best thing about your friends?
If Everyone Cared- Nickelback
yes.. only if!!!

What is in store for this weekend?
Untitled- Simple Plan
Hell NO!!!!!

To describe your grandparents?
nvr gonna leave u- daniel bedingfield
hhmmmm... interesting...

How is your life going?
Angel- Shaggy
lol... fun!!!

What song will they play at your funeral?
Runaway- Avril Lavigne
really nutthin to say...

Will you have a happy life?
Sugar, We're going down- Fall Out Boys

What do your friends really think of you?
I love u... I'll Kill u- Enigma
WTF??? Hell no!!!!

Do people secretly lust after you?
I can do Better- Avril Lavigne
yeap.. i agree...

How can I make myself happy?
Johnny- Craig David
any1 named johnny here??? i need u to be happy!!!!

What should you do with your life?
Savin Me- Nickelback
ok.... who is me????

Will you ever have children?
If your not the one-Daniel Bedingfield
dont get it!!???

I Tag..
every lifeless soul that come across this!!!